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Teams are the heart and soul of our Race! By starting a team, you can bring family, friends and coworkers together to celebrate a survivor in your life, honor the lives of lost loved ones, or simply support a great cause. In addition to receiving some friendly competition, when you start a team you’ll receive a team website, entry into team contests, and eligibility for top team rewards._MG_5129.jpg

Team awards

There will be six awards for teams at the 2016 Wabash Valley Race. First, second, and third places will be awarded (the first place team receives a plaque, and the second and third place teams receive a ribbon). Awards will be given for each of the following categories:

  • Largest Fundraising Team

2016 winners:

  1. Team Dragonflies - $6,030
  2. Peggy Vannoni / Judy Divine - $5,507
  3. Old National Bank - $855

This award is based on the team who raises the most dollars for Komen by Friday, October 7. While fundraising for Race continues until November 8th, this award is based on the team who raises the most dollars by October 7th

  • Most Creative "Pinked Out" Area

2016 winners: 

  1. Troupe Amanda
  2. Team Dragonflies
  3. Diane's Angels

This award is based on the most creative or imaginative team area (of course, incorporating pink into the area).

  • Largest Team Registered

2016 winners:

  1. Peggy Vannoni / Judy Divine - 104 registered participants
  2. Union Health - 92 registered participants
  3. Diane's Angels - 58 registered participants

This award is based on the team with the largest number of members registered (not the number of members in attendance).

  • Largest Team in Attendance

2016 winners:

  1. Team Dragonflies
  2. Team Katy
  3. Diane's Angels

This award is based on the number of team members that are present at your team site during judging, which will start at 7:50 and end at 8:15 am. When Team Village judges come to your team site during the judging, they will do a head count of team members. Only those team members who are present at the team site for the judges head count will be considered as part of the team in attendance for the award.

  • Best T-shirt Design

2016 winners:

  1. Nurses for Knockers
  2. Mary's Rack Pack
  3. Team Dragonflies

This year, teams will display their team shirts in their team sites so that the judging panel can evaluate it.

  • Best Team Sign

2016 winners:

  1. Nurses for Knockers
  2. Pink is the New Black
  3. Alorica

To have your team’s sign judged for the “Best Team Sign” award, your team’s decorated sign must be turned in to the Komen Office at the Meadows by 7 pm on Monday, October 3rd. For more information about getting your team sign and guidelines for decorating, click here

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